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Preechaya Chavalittumrong

Founder and General manager : 10DK

10DK :Fit In & Total Decoration Package

The Space Maker


Preechaya Chavalittumrong's service promises to create a dream room within 10 days
Bangkok Post : Life, 16th March 2015
By Napamon Roongwitoo

"What I do is a cross between interior design and home furnishing. There is a gap between the two industries — interior designers do not typically have furniture at hand, while furnishing services don't always design the best rooms. With the connections I have built over the past decade working in the real estate industry, I know the right suppliers who can supply me with the right furniture," she said.

Most of her customers are investors who buy condominium units to let. They want the room to be beautiful enough to attract potential renters, but do not have time to mull over the details.

"From my experience, beautifully furnished rooms are easier to let because renters do not have to do as much. It also helps increase the rent, because people are usually willing to pay more for a beautiful room," Preechaya said.

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