Nadia-K is a young blood communication and marketing consultancy based in Bangkok with global footprints. With specialization in creative content creation, we have solid expertise in a wide array of media platforms, and what works best for each. We believe that by presenting the right image, something good can, and will, turn into something great. 


About Us

Founded by Nadia Kitirath, based on her seven years’ experience in publicity and communication, Nadia-K is firmly based on comprehensive understanding in the relationship of content engagement, business strategy and creativity and their roles in making a brand or a product unique and stand out in the competitive marketplace.


With passion for arts and culture, we believe they have their place not only in their traditional spheres, but are also integrated in everything we see, hear, and experience – business, industry, technology, and lifestyle.


In addition to our main focus, which is creative public relations, our services also include marketing, events, online campaigns, and other creative projects. We have an all-embracing approach when it comes to putting our creativity to good use.


While we are avid strategists, we are also storytellers. We believe a good content, told through the right voice, to the right audience, can become so much more. With our passion and in-depth knowledge of various industries and the media landscape, we are able to deliver coverage and create an impact beyond the typical news stories. 


Public Relations

Communication planning and consultant

Strategic Communications

Corporate Communications

Executive Profiling  (Interview)

Media Relation

Content management 

Social Voice

Ad Buying

Marketing and Sponsorship 

Event Organizer

Digital & Online Campaign

Contact Us

Nadia-K Co., Ltd.
98/448 Phahonyothin 34, Senanikom, Chatuchak, Bangkok,
Thailand 10900

T: (66) 85-942-9959


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